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About Bank of America

Everyone want to know how to find Bank of America Routing Number Bank of America is known as a big multinational banking and financial corporation, the headquarter of which is located in Charlotte (North Carolina, United States of America). It ranks the second place among the biggest bank holding companies in the United States of America by its assets.

In 2016 according to Forbes, Bank of America, was ranked at 11th place among the largest companies in the world. It provides services at 5 100 banking branches, 16 300 ATMs, numerous call centers and mobile banking platforms.

Bank of America routing number is a specific identification code, consisting of 9 digits. It is usually used by financial institutions of The American Bankers Association. That’s why it is also called ABA routing number. Routing number is sometimes referred to as routing transit number (RTN) or check routing number, so do not be confused if come across different names.

Bank of America routing number is needed for various types of wire transits and differs, as a rule, from state to state. The routing number usually specifies State (for ex. California, Texas, Illinois), in which your personal banking account was initialized.

Bank of America routing transit numbers vary by the following types of transactions:

 ABA, Checks Ordering

ACH (Automated Clearing House), direct deposits and automatic payments

 Wire transfer

For example, Bank of America (BoA) routing numbers for California are: 121000358 (ABA, ACH), 026009593 (Wire).

How to find Bank of America routing number

The easiest way to learn your Bank of America routing number – click on your state in the list below and you will be scrolled directly to your local routing number for Bank of America.

Bank of America Routing Number

Customers of the Bank of America can always find the necessary routing number by authorizing in to Online Banking, or visiting an official website of the institution, and directly from their checks. If you want to find correct routing number you can also search the information online, specifying the State, where your personal account was opened.

Let us consider each of the methods in details.

Another way to learn your Bank of America routing number is directly from the assigned check. This 9-digital code is printed, as a rule, at the bottom of the paper, at its left corner. This routing number is utilized for paper transactions and is not valid for electronic bank operations or wire transfers.

Depending on type of transaction,- paper, electronic or wire,– the routing numbers vary, so the checks are not always helpful. As a decision, you can use ABA Routing Number Selector. All you need is to find it online, select the particular State and choose the appropriate routing number from list.

Some States, such as Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Texas and Indiana, have several routing transit numbers. The question arises: which one to choose? The way out is to visit official web page of the bank and authorize in to your account, using your personal online ID and passcode. After getting access to the desired account you may learn your Bank of America routing number, choosing the option Information & Services.

At last, you may also call to Bank of America customers support by number 1-800-933-6262, taking into account their working hours: 7 am–10 pm (Monday – Friday), 8 am–6 pm (Saturday – Sunday).


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