If you open up a checking account at any bank, you will be given a routing number, but many people are questionable about the Wachovia routing number. On every check that you have, you will see a series of numbers that can be found at the bottom of the check.

The numbers are to be read like everything else, from left to right. Normally the first set of numbers is your routing number. The routing number is what tells people what bank you are with and out of what state. It’s kind of crazy that a set of numbers can tell you so much about a certain thing.


But, actually, computers run off of numbers, the numbers are what tell particular companies where you are and what you are doing. We may see everything as letters but the original computer computes everything by a number sequence, so it’s only right that your Wachovia routing number is put into a number form to be able to locate you and your bank.


Different Wachovia banks in different cities follow different routing numbers. There is no universal number for all Wachovia banks, so if you are trying to implore about getting the correct routing number for your account you need to ask someone who is located in your state.

There is no real reason why it is based on states. It is probably because if everything was put into one number it would be almost impossible to find the exact account that you are seeking. It would be more of a process of elimination instead of being exactly on the money.

Your Wachovia routing number is 9 numbers long. Don’t ask what all the numbers in the sequence mean, because they probably have their own meaning corresponding to the type of account you have as well as your city and state that you opened the account in.

The routing number will be the first set of numbers on the bottom of your check; while the next set is typically your check number then it is followed by your account number. If you are trying to pay a bill over the phone or internet with a check you will need all of these numbers in order to successfully complete the transaction.

Since there are a lot of numbers to remember, most people turn to pay things with a debit card. Its easier to remember and there are not so many numbers that you have to get right. Although the routing number is a big thing to have to remember in your checking account, as long as you keep a checkbook handy you will be just fine.

A lot of the craze with utilizing checks over the years has died down. Most people prefer to utilize their debit cards nowadays because they feel that they are not disclosing all of their information. It is true that if your routing and account number falls slumber into the hands of someone who you don’t know they could truly ruin your account. So be careful with your information and who you give it to.

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